Friday, 16 September 2016

Why do Musclewomen Turn Me on

What is it about muscular women that makes them so attractive to us schmoes? The first thing to remember when asking that question is that there really is no straight forward answer to that question. reasons are as many and varied as the schmoes themselves. As such, I am not answering for anyone else but myself. However I hope and expect that others who share my love of/ lust for muscle women will see something here that resonates with them. Feel free also to put some of your own perspectives on this in the comments. The list here overlaps somewhat with Marcie Simmons' post on youtube recently about why men become attracted to muscle. However, any similarity is purely coincidental, this list is based on nothing other than my own personal experience. So without further adieu here is my nonscientific, nonexhaustive list of reasons why musclewomen turn me on.

1. Because they just do! Sometimes we try to over-complicate things. Why do musclewomen turn me on? They just do. When I see a very muscular woman, 99% of the time my body just reacts, I get erect and become aroused. We have no control over such things. Even if I didn't want to be turned on by musclewomen, nature would still make the final call.
2. Muscles are pretty! Muscles for me at least, are so pretty to look at. I mean the veins, striations, crevaces and various nooks and crannies of a ripped physique are sheer heaven for me. There really is an almost divine beauty to all those lines. Sheer bliss. To me, these women are artists who create masterpieces with their own bodies. No less than any artist, attention to detail is pivotal. It is those lines that make all the difference and they drive me fucking wild. Now don't get me wrong, I find off season bulk sexy too, but it's a different kind of sexy. It is an attraction based more on power than the aesthetic, I will go more into this later.
3. They are social rebels and that is freaking hot. Society dictates that women are not supposed to be overtly muscular. Those that do are often subject to ridicule and outright discrimination. Women that lift and build muscles are doing so for themselves and are actively defying 'the rules' they are saying loud and proud 'I play by my own rules'. That type of independence is incredibly attractive to me.
4. Female physical superiority is sexy. Unlike some fans of female muscle, I am into domination and humiliation, in a big way. Some guys who love muscular women (I guess they probably wouldn't Identify as schmoes) fantasise about what they'd like to do to a muscular woman. I fantasise about what a muscular woman could do to me. My dream relationship (I emphasise the word dream, because I'm not delusional enough to think I would ever have a hope with a muscular woman) would be with a physically superior woman who respects me and treats me as her equal in all other respects, but who dominates and controls me completely both physically and sexually. In those two arenas, she is the boss and that is as it should be. I'm insanely turned on by the helplessness I feel in such situations. Is that strange? To some it may be, but it is invigorating to me. I have had two sessions with women with different builds. While different experiences, a common factor in both sessions was how easily they overpowered and destroyed me. I cannot begin to describe how erotic this was. I have to clarify though, I am not okay with physical or sexual violence against either men or women. What I am referring to here is purely a mutually agreed experiment in power in a controlled environment. While both my sessions went to town on me in my sessions as I asked them to, they were also both genuine, sweet, kind human beings who would never set out to harm anyone, it is that combination of warmth and power that arouses me so much.
5. The overcoming of obstacles. As I mentioned in another article, many musclewomen have had to overcome a huge amount of personal obstacles. Abusive relationships, depression, eating disorders, you name it, the stories are there. As much as their bodies arouse and stimulate me, their overcoming of personal obstacles is inspiring. This in its own right is very sexy. A woman who has been at her lowest saying, "this shit can either make me or break me and I am choosing for it to make me." As much as I love physical strength, this is the kind of strength that is really awe inspiring. While sexual arousal is largely physical, I would argue it is the je ne sais quoi in a woman's character that adds the cherry on top.

There is probably more I could mention here, but 5 seems like a good number. So I will leave it here. Many of these themes will be returned to again in future articles. As I say, I welcome debate on this and any of my posts. It would be interesting to hear the perspectives both of schmoes and muscle women, as well as others who may be outside of this world.


  1. As a longtime fbb fan I mo longer have trepidations on the way I feel about FBBs, I embrace the term schmoe, I also don't ferl the need to prove that I'm a regular guy , to me female muscle worship is a small part of who I am ,and I enjoy it a lot , on the subject of off season, I love contest shape as well as off the Bulky Off season look ,Gina Davis off season OMG, Im also attached to Female Shot put and Big Power lifters , thats turns my on