Wednesday, 14 September 2016

The Dance of Muscle Worship

Up to this point, this blog has dealt with what muscle women need to know about schmoes and vice-versa. The reason for looking at how schmoes and muscle women can better understand each other is quite simple. At the risk of being cliche, it takes two to tango. Actually that cliche is quite fitting as the metaphor of a dance is central to understanding the muscle woman/ schmoe relationship. Schmoes would not exist, if there wasn't a constituency of women dedicated to building and maintaining their physiques. While there may always be men instinctively attracted to muscular women, if there is no collective culture of muscular women out there, then the schmoe sub-culture simply couldn't exist. Similarly, with the prize money available for female bodybuilders, nothing short of embarrassing, female bodybuilding as a sport and subsequently as a culture, simply could not exist without the alternative revenue streams only made possible by the existence of schmoes.

So for all the negativity often associated with schmoes, most muscle women would at least grudgingly admit that they are a necessary evil. Some, such as Marcie Simmons in a youtube post lately, are altogether more positive about schmoes. Whatever your perspective, I would argue, and I am about to, that the link between muscle women and schmoes, goes deeper than a mutually beneficial, supply and demand type arrangement with an economic payoff for the muscle woman and a (quasi) sexual payoff for the schmoe. Schmoes and the women they admire are more an integral part of each other's worlds than either might realise. This is not to say that most schmoes and muscle women will ever have an overtly close personal relationship (many will of course), but there is a common link and actually some subtle similarities.

Most schmoes of course will never even come close to the musculature of the women they fantasise about. However both share a common sense of being an outsider. This is not to say that either are necessarily 'outsiders' in their everyday lives. No. I would argue  that most schmoes and muscle women live very ordinary everyday lives in general. However, in one very important aspects of both their lives, they are very much outside the norm. For all their wishes that it be otherwise, muscular women are very much seen as non-mainstream. Society doesn't endorse the concept of muscular women and those who build their physiques to such ripped, hulking degrees are defying the values and norms of mainstream society. It doesn't stop them finding very fulfilling, meaningful personal relationships with people who share there world, nor even those who don't share that aspect of their world but who are drawn to them as people outside of their chosen lifestyle. Nonetheless, it is an important part of their human story that cannot be shared with the majority of people in their lives.

Similarly schmoes, no matter how open they are generally in their social lives, will, for the most part, feel unable to be upfront about this aspect of their sexuality. Schmoes and muscle women are two sides of the same coin. We are the men who understand, admire, respect, value and lust after the bodies they get such satisfaction from building. They, in turn, are the ones whose incredible muscles give us the type of raw, giddy, animalistic thrill that most women can neither understand, nor satisfy. We understand more about their dedication to their physiques than most people, apart from their fellow athletes ever will. They know more about what sends us over the edge than most people apart from other schmoes ever will. Whether most will acknowledge it or not, schmoes and musclewomen are subtly engaged in a dance, where our respective  worlds intertwine. This doesn't mean we need to live in each other's pockets, but we should both try to respect, how much potential we have to contribute to each other's experiences.


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  2. Exactly, My issue is that It's always been an issue of The Women want acceptance of the mainstream, even to the point of disrespecting the shcmoe, When the Wieder Brothers cast them aside, The prize money has always been disrespectful, If it wasent for Schmoes a lot of these women would be working at McDonald's.The webcast the videos, our lust for these women helps to pay their bills but some tend to treat us like outcast,If I had the money I would love to do some private worship sessions, but I would be under no illusions Strictly Business, PS I love your post , so excited to read your post Awesome