Monday, 12 September 2016

What Muscle Women Need To Understand About Schmoes

Okay, so I've given you a little insight into what got me into muscle worship. Also, I gave what is hopefully  a sympathetic portrayal of what men like me need to understand and respect about the women that drive us so wild. However for every ying there is a yang and here are some things I ask muscle women to try to understand about schmoes.

1. Just because you turn us on doesn't make us deviants. Yes, we look at images of you online. Yes those images usually make us sexually aroused and yes, this often means that one of our hands is occupied while looking at those images/videos. However all beings are sexual, we all fantasise about someone and those of us not in relationships have no other means to satisfy those desires. It doesn't mean we are perverts or deviants, it just means there is life in the old dog yet.
2. You are not the only type of women we find attractive. Yes we dig your muscles, yes muscular females are our ultimate fantasies, but very few women look like you, so don't think that when you're not around or when we're not viewing muscle sites that we're not experiencing sexual attraction. I love women. A lot. All shapes and sizes turn me on. I work at a public desk, if I don't see at least 5-10 customers every day that I find sexually attractive, I consider it a very bad day at the office (literally.) Just because I happen to be crap with women, doesn't mean I'm not interested in them. Yes it is a very big bonus for me if a woman can throw me around like a little rag doll and or has biceps that could open a pickle jar. However, that is not a prerequisite for turning me on. I'm sure other schmoes are similar. Although I do know anecdotally that there are some schmoes who ONLY find muscular women attractive.
3. We have lives too. I am not going to lie. I spend a lot of my spare time on female muscle websites. However, for 37 hours of the week, I am at work. I also study part time. I already have a masters' degree, I run half marathons occasionally, I'm involved in extra curricular activites, I have a social life. I have many other strings to my bow. So please don't dismiss me or other schmoes as 'just' schmoes.
4. Schmoes (most of us anyway) are good people. I'm Irish and was raised in a traditional Irish catholic family. (I'm very much a secular atheist these days.) I was taught to respect people, to take people as I find them, to never disrespect or humiliate people. Human rights, labour rights, dignity and compassion are central tenets of my value system. Just because you turn me on and I might have what the church I was born into may call 'impure thoughts' about you on a regular basis, does not mean I don't value and respect you intrinsically as a human being. I have done a lot of charity work both at home and abroad. I have worked with the homeless, with kids with special needs and am very active in suicide prevention and mental health. I don't expect a pat on the back for any of this, I am merely using these things to illustrate that if you think those of us who worship female muscles have nothing in our lives more noble and fulfilling than choking the chicken while oggling your granite like physiques, think again. I'm sure some schmoes are arseholes, but my experience of those I have encountered online is very much that of ordinary decent men (many family men) who live normal lives and do the best they can for those around us. Now none of us expect you to become ouf bffs, but  I'm just saying that if you were to look past the stereotypes and take us as we are, you might be pleasantly surprised :)


  1. You don't get to decide how muscular woman should feel. Seriously, outside narcissistic brats; You really think the majority is disrespectful..?

    You know, not all women enjoy oogling or getting 'dirty talked' to.
    Just because someone is attractive to you, doesn't mean that they owe you. Keep your fetish(es) to yourself. Unless if people are comfortable with it. If they're not; LEAVE THEM ALONE. OF COURSE YOU WILL COME OFF AS A DEVIANT IF YOU DON'T. RESPECT GOES BOTH WAYS.

    No offense but please do understand that not many people like sexual/fetishist things. You can make a person very uncomfortable with these kind of topics. Not all female bodybuilders have something to do with sex/fetishism.

    Just be nice and modest and there won't be any conflict. No need to /act/ like a pervert. You can have impure thoughts without acting like it. :)

    Just sayin'. A lot of people underestimate that some people are uneasy with sexualization/fetishism - Which is completely fine. Not everybody is sexual (or HAVE to be sexual).

    1. (and don't take any offense. it's just really frustrating how some people underestimate other people their uneasiness. It's just best to leave them alone or ask them if they're OK with it)

  2. I think you have completely misread / misinterpreted my post to be honest. I never said anything about talking dirty to women. I never said anything about openly oggling them. By oggling I was more talking at home, in private while viewing female muscle websites. You are quite right that I don't have the right to tell anyone how to feel, Similarly, I don't think anyone has the right to tell me what fantasies I'm entitled to have in the privacy of my own home. Nowhere Did I say it was okay to disrespect these women or make them feel uncomfortable. I was actually saying the exact opposite. Apoloigies for the misunderstanding, but I really think you have to read my post again. The difference between what I said and what you appear to have read is night and day.

  3. Thanks for sharing your thoughts and for your previous post on what Schmoes need to understand about muscle women. I think your previous post will attract more attention as I think almost universally, muscle women despise and have zero interest/ regard for schmoes. I think in many cases the persistent and annoying schmoe has spoiled it for those of us who will treat all women with dignity and respect. The persistent 'schmoe interest' is usually creepy and unwelcome to most women, probably with good reason. So, although I wish muscle women would read and absorb what you have written, I doubt any muscle woman would. FBBs generally treat their fans with disgust, but then the fans often give the FBB a hard time with their persistent, intrusive and socially inempt contacts.