Monday, 12 September 2016

What Schmoes Need to Understand about Muscle Women

Earlier, I gave you a little insight into the inner workings of the mind  of a schmoe, from my internal frame of reference. (I cannot speak for anyone else) It was made clear that for schmoes, at least  from my viewpoint, our fascination in muscles and strength is intensely sexual. I don't go onto female muscle websites out of intellectual curiosity or to engage in debate. I engage with such resources primarily for one reason- sexual gratification. I apologise if that sounds rude, but newsflash people, humans are sexual beings. I see no difference in what I do than in people using conventional pornography, reading 'dirty' magazines etc. The only difference is the women I get aroused by are a hell of a lot bigger and can lift a lot more. I see nothing wrong in fantasising about such women or openly sharing my fantasies with my fellow schmoes. Also, these women are no fools, they know when they do magazine/website shoots etc, that the reason they can make money from doing so is because there is a market. They also know, I'm sure that when men view these shoots or websites, they do so for largely sexual reasons. It is up to individual bodybuilders/ muscle women to make up their own minds about how they feel about this. All this being said, before you all go dismissing me as some kind of mysoginist or pervert, I would just like to point out some things about muscle women that us schmoes need to understand. Things that many schmoes (myself included) can often lose sight of in the height of our sexual arousal.

1. Muscle women are (incredible) athletes. So, you have loaded  up the laptop/computer/ tablet etc have logged onto your favourite female muscle site(s) and am ready to do some, ahem, extensive research, shall we call it. As you do your 'research' and bring yourself to the point of ecstacy, it is important to be mindful that these ripped, pumped, bronzed goddesses, whose muscles send you into overdrive so easily, do not do what they do, so you can get a boner. In the event of bodybuilders and competitive lifters/ crossfitters etc, their primary goal in building their physique is to compete. They sacrifice themselves in terms of diet, social life etc to attain the highest levels of physical performance for their chosen sports. That your sexual arousal may provide an extra revenue stream for them is a side issue. Regardless of whether or not an individual schmoe is into the sporting aspect of bodybuilding or not (personally I'm not), they should respect the incredible dedication of these magnificent women, no less than they would any athlete in any sport. Furthermore, many bodybuilders/ strength athletes have overcome  enormous personal struggles to get to where they are and are truly inspiring. This doesn't mean there is anything wrong with the fact you think about them sexually and/or they give you a hard on, it just means you should appreciate there is a lot more to them than this.
2. Muscle women are not your personal playthings. So okay, we've established that muscle women turn schmoes on. We've also established that while schmoes may be shy in day to day lives about expressing this, in their virtual schmoe universe, they hold no such inhibitions. Many schmoes will take part in muscle worship sessions, many will take part in webcam sessions. They can do this, because many muscle women, realising that such services are potentially lucrative, are willing to provide these. The level of enthusiasm for this and the extent of the sexual element on offer varies wildly. I will not get into the ins and outs of what is on offer, by whom and where. Those of us that use these services (however rarely) know the score, as do the women providing them. What is important however is to remember, that those who pay the piper do not call the tune. Just because a woman is willing to give a schmoe a happy ending during a session or talk dirty and/or go nude during a webcam, does not mean the schmoe should feel any sense of entitlement. Any service provided is at the discretion of the woman involved and at ALL times, their dignity and integrity needs to be respected. They are not some kind of performing monkey. If you don't give due respect you shouldn't expect a quality service.
3. Muscle women are human beings. It seems ridiculous to have to say this, but there is at least a perception that schmoes do not always give due consideration to the fact that muscle women have personal lives and families. They are wives, girlfriends, daughters, mothers, sisters, aunts, friends etc. They are trainers, paramedics, cops, soldiers, teachers, web designers, nutritionists, therapists, doctors, whatever the case may be. Real women, with real personalities. Most, like most people generally are lovely human beings. Women with soft, kind hearts in contrast to their hard muscles. Some, like in all walks of life, may not be as nice. Some will view schmoes with thinly veiled contempt, others will respect schmoes for the contribution they make to the female muscle industry, others still will genuinely like many schmoes and there are stories of genuine friendships being formed and in very rare cases, romantic and sexual relationships blossoming. Whatever the case, it is important for us schmoes to realise that the sexual and sporting identities of our favourite muscle women are only a small part of their human story. Is any of this going to stop me logging on to my favourite websites and fantasising about these incredibly muscular beauties? Not for a second. However, I do owe them the same courtesy and respect that I owe any other human being. In most cases we do not see the real person behind those glorious muscles, any more than they see the real person behind each schmoe. So by all means, fap away to your heart's content, just be mindful that they are so much more than just muscles on demand.

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