Monday, 12 September 2016

Welcome To My World

Hello and welcome to my blog. For those of you unfamiliar with the term, while the word does have other meanings, in the context I refer to it, it is a slang term used to describe people (primarily men) who worship muscles. (primarly female.) While it is ordinarily meant in a condescending and derogatory sense by muscular women who hold such men in  contempt, I use the label openly and proudly. For as long as I remember I have been fascinated by strength and muscle. I remember as a young boy being mesmerised by Wonder Woman bending guns or the Incredible Hulk ripping cars assunder with his powerful musclebound arms. I remember seeing female bodybuilding contests on Screensport and being blown away.  As soon as I was old enough to understand such things, the interest went from mere curiosity to something intensely sexual. I no longer just found muscle and strength interesting, I found it arousing. Yet for a long time, access to images was difficult, I would spot an odd magazine cover with a muscular woman or an article in a newspaper, it was rare enough to find such things in Ireland. So at this stage, my love of female muscle though conscious to me, was something I could rarely explored. I oggled and wanked to the same images that most early teenage boys have access to and get aroused by. Movie stars, glamour models, athletes, TV presnters. Women like Elle McPherson, Claudia Schiffer, Kathy Lloyd, Melinda Messenger. I got hard to these women I fantasised about them, like any normal boy my age, but on the rare occasions I saw muscle women in the media it felt like a real treat.

Then when I was 17, we got the internet for the first time and things changed. Suddenly my curiosity could be satisfied more easily. I could oggle muscle women, I could view them on screen, wank to them if the coast was clear, or print out their pictures and wank to them in my own time. As years went by my attraction to muscular powerful women became more and more insatiable. Now don't get me wrong, I was and still am attracted to regular women as well, but being shy and very uncomfortable around women (not as friends, just the ones I'm attracted to), having normal romantic or sexual relationships with women is something I find virtually impossible to achieve. This made 'virtual women' all the more important for my sexual release and for me that was increasingly becoming about muscular women. In fact, there was a certain similarity to the life of a man who becomes hooked on drugs. You start out on the soft stuff, then that no longer cuts it. You need harder and harder stuff and more and more of it. Thankfully I never experimented with drugs, nor was I ever tempted to. I just don't see the point. However, when it came to muscle women, I was and remain addicted and addicted bad. It is an addiction I have neither the inclination nor respurces to kick. It started out with the ripped, toned fitness model types, then I gradually moved on to bigger and bigger. By my mid 20s, I began to realise that as much as I have always been attracted to big tits, when it came to muscle women I preferred hard pecs. The women I wanked off to and fantasised about most often, were no longer the Jamie Easons or Corey Nadines of this world as sexy and all as they are, they became the Christine Envalls, the Colette Guimonds, the Aleesha Youngs, the Sarah Hayes', the Julie Bourassas, I wanted veins, I wanted bulk, I wanted striations, pec bouncing, aggression. As much as I still liked a pretty face, that now became an added bonus, rather than a pre-requisite. I also got into the more extreme side of female muscle fiction. It allowed me access to a world where my sthenolagnia (sexual attraction to muscle) and cratolagnia (sexual attraction to strength) were not hindered by reality. Where I was free to enjoy women whose muscles were so enormous they made the Incredible Hulk look like Pee Wee Herman, where their strength and power was so extreme that they could tear superman apart like he was plasticine. Maybe that sounds weird to people, but you've got to understand one thing. Attraction to female muscle and strength is still such a taboo, that being open about it is not an option for most of us. So the female muscle websites provide me with a sanctuary, with somewhere where I can be myself and at least try to satisfy my insatiable strength and muscle lust. I almost said, without judgement, but unfortunately that is far from the truth. For a group of people so misunderstood, muscle worshipers are depressingly condescending and judgemental of each other. There is so much politics and ego within the hideen world of muscle worship, it is unreal. That, however, is a story for another post.

So what is it about muscles that send me so over the edge? It's hard to define, but for me, I see the muscular female physique as an art form. Each muscular lady is like a wonderfully erotic sculpture, more beautiful and magical thatn anything Michaelangelo could have even imagined, The muscular female form is simply breathtaking. I just can't get enough of it, I find the view particularly hypnotic from the back, for reasons I struggle to find an explanation for.

So I hope you enjoy the blog. Unfortunately, my blog entries will be all text for the foreseeable future. Partially because I'm crap at adding images and partially because I'm paranoid of breaching copyright. I hope however that this largely anonymous blog will be at least intriguing to the reader, be they a committed schmoe, a total outsider or even a muscular female interested to know a little more about what goes on in the minds of those of us, whom their magnificent muscles excite so much.
Happy muscle worshipping folks.


  1. Omg its like your in my head, Everything that you say is so true I'm am a proud card carrying scmoe , thank you for your honesty, Would love to chat , my email is

  2. Yes hard pecs the bigger the better. I finally went to a show the npc nationals in my home town I remember seeing Ann Reveccio sp , in front of me in the concessions stand , OMG Until that moment U never knew a Women could get that big. It was overwhelming,everything you said is so insightful, yes I admire their athletic achievement, but first to be honest its about my overwhelming lust for HUGE MUSCLAR WOMEN

  3. and now we have fit girls of instagram oh boy iam never getting a gf again now lol. I feel ya on all levels mate.