Monday, 12 September 2016

To Tell or Not to Tell?

Sexual attraction to the female form is a very normal part of being a man. A large part of the social life of any male is being able to have banter with other males about our sexual attraction to various females. After sport, sex is probably the most common topic of conversation for any average male. Even very sexually descriptive conversations about what we'd like to do with certain females if given half the chance is not at all a controversial topic of conversation between men. Now we might never say it to women, but the dynamic of sexual conversations between men is quite blunt and straight forward.

This becomes complicated however when our sexual interest is not the norm. Most of my male friends will never know how sexually attracted I am to muscular women. This is because from an emotional and self esteem point of view, I couldn't take the rejection I would feel from the inevitable mockery. Some friends do know, but this was only done after a very careful evaluation of the situation and assessing the likelihood of rejection and ostracisation. Unfortunately on one occasion, I failed to read the situation and a friend proceeded to take the piss out of me for several minutes. It was very humiliating. Eventually he came around and while he still didn't understand it, he became genuinely curious. While I appreciated it at the time, his initial goading did make me feel very insecure in my sexuality. This is a struggle that I imagine a lot of schmoes are familiar with. Society constantly tells women they have to look a certain way, women who choose not to accept such restraints put themselves in an awkward situation, but so too do those of us who raise our head above the parapet and declare our love of female muscles. We suffer the taunts of friends, who while they will not reject us as people, are indirectly telling us 'your sexual preference goes against the typical 'rules' of sexual attraction for males. I will not condemn you as a person, but I cannot condone your unorthodox sexuality. Therefore I will voice my disapproval through the medium of humour.'

Whether or not this is because such men are genuinely disgusted or find themselves confused by the fact they secretly feel the same, is a topic for another day, but is really a moot point. The heart of the matter is that men like us, men like me, do not have our sexual preferences fully accepted. Unfortunately I cannot envisage this changing any time soon. That is why our 'virtual' world becomes so important.


  1. Thank you for the link to your blog. I enjoyed reading it and I have come across many different perspectives of this. I really understand your side of it also as I find myself being the 'perv' at times too. I've been on the GWM site ever since it started and I've been on both sides of this. I have over 300 pictures there and I've been told many times directly from yall about I got them hard or they 'got off' to me. I honestly never looked at that as anything but a compliment though. I would never "see" it as a perverted thing, because it's complimenting how I look. It's actually a pretty large part of the sport itself. Yes it's hard work, the diet more than anything.. to me. But if we didn't look good enough to make you hard.. then we wouldn't get very far.. lol. It's all in how you look at it though. If you get into the sport and expect NOT to be looked at and 'admired' then, you better not get into it. You are correct in that we are not playthings, but I understand your side also. That sort of makes me unique. I go to the GWM site and I enjoy...and yes that means 'get off' to many MANY of those images. Does that make me a lesbian.. no. But I do appreciate how they look, I guess I have a beauty fetish which to me is a taboo.. being a girl. I to see it as art work, walking talking art work. So maybe I'm a female schmoe? LOL. Whatever, I am what I am and I enjoy meeting others like you. Big hugs and keep up the great site. I hope you can expand it more. Hit me up if you want any more from me? I'd love to help.

  2. Very interesting take Kristi. Thanks for the comment.