Tuesday, 11 October 2016

The Nifty Fifty: Part Three

So, having put together two 'Ten of the Best' lists and still finding them woefully inadequate, I have decided to broaden my horizons and expand out into a 'nifty fifty'. While it's not inconceivable that some gaps may still exist, so spoilt for choice are us schmoes these days, certainly a list of 50 of the world's most amazing women-in no particular order, solves a lot of problems. That is not to say there won't be some incredibly sexy women who won't make the list, but I hope that any woman reading this who may feel aggrieved at not making this list will see there is no shame in losing out to some of the world class muscle babes on this list. By definition, parts 1 and 2 have been covered, so without further adieu here is part 3 of my Nifty Fifty.

Natalia Trukhina
The most glaring omission from the first two lists, the pain in my forehead from face-palming myself to oblivion for overlooking her was my main motivation for expanding the list out. Just how this magnificent muscle goddess escaped my mind the first two times is beyond me. If you love it big, this vision of hyper-muscular utopia should be a cert in your top 5, let alone top 10. The woman is just a super-human hulking beast of red hot muscle.  Extra loose fitting trousers are a necessity when this goddess is on your screen. I did a webcam with her last week and she plays the role of the dominant she hulk to perfection. Her most-musculars are from a different planet and it's definitely an idea to perfect one handed typing if you are going to partake in a webcam with her. She knows how horny her muscles make us and she loves it.

Heather Foster
Either an African American or Caribbean depending on your perspective, this beautiful beefcake was born in one Jamaica (the country) and brought up in another (a district of New York) . As much as her magnificent musculature is guaranteed to arouse any schmoe, any interview with this remarkable athlete shows she is a sweetheart to boot. An absolute must for all fans of hard-core feminine muscle

Brigita Brezovac
This Slovenian muscle machine is almost guaranteed to make any schmoe as hard as her breathtaking muscles. The mesmerising amazon beauty, last time I checked was on a break following  the birth of her child, but hopefully it won't be long before this goddess is back rocking it on stage and reminding us schmoes just why female muscle drives us crazy.

Theresa Ivancik
Muscles aside, this beauty would drive any man crazy, proof that gargantuan musculature need not necessarily detract from facial beauty. As beautiful as her face and as mind-blowingly sexual as her muscles are, the Ivancik story is also very inspiring. Another who has struggled with eating disorders and overcome it. Not only has she overcome this very serious issue, but she has challenged perceptions of physical beauty. Not only one of the sexiest women you will ever see, but very inspirational too.

Helle (Nielsen) Trevino
After a few years out due to injury, this densely muscled Dane has taken no prisoners since. 2nd place in the 2015 and 4th in 2016 WOS Phoenix Rising competitions, Helle is not only a hit weith the fans but can hold her own with the judges as well. Long may it continue, because while this 41 year old amazon is getting success on the stage, the incentive is there for her to continue wowing us muscle-lusting schmoes with her other worldly physique.

Michelle E. Russell
The E here is important so that you don't wind up googling some psychic, who probably doesn't look as good in a skin tight tee shirt. This Canadian beefcake, at 35, is still quite young and sure to be around for a few years yet. Just as well too, because we sure can't get enough of her glorious muscles. With granite like pecs that put most men to shame, this goddess has a body that has to be seen to be believed.  A hit on the webcam circuit due to her killer body, cheeky smile and infectious energy, you may need a cold shower after looking at the affable Canadian. Then you'll dry yourself off and come back for more.

Monique Jones
This African American beauty has muscles  that belong in a museum, so out of this world are they. Oozing sex appeal from every muscle packed orifice, Monique sure knows how to excite. Chances are, whether male or female, your muscles are far smaller and less impressive than hers. Don't feel bad though, just sit back enjoy the show and let her show you what real beauty and power is. You may need the loose fitting trousers here too.

Kim Perez
Another African-American muscle machine, Kim is renowned for having one of the best upper-bodies you will ever see. Some more picky types may nitpick about her lower body, but if anything on that Amazonian physique of hers strikes you as small, then you badly need your eyesight checked. If her lower body appears 'small' (I mean seriously man, let's see your legs) it is only a matter of perspective. When your upper body is as magnificently massive as Kim's is, of course her lower body may appear smaller by comparison. All in all though, she is still a beautiful she hulk with muscles most men would kill for. This coupled with her unassuming nature and angelic smile, makes her an instant hit with any real fan of female muscle.

Heather (Policky) Armbrust
If Kim is known for her upper body, then this super sexy quad queen does the job south of the border. Her legs look like they could crush bowling balls, not to mind fruit.  The striations on her beautifully bronzed tree trunks would send any sexually healthy schmoe into a state of pants staining euphoria. One of the most confident and erotic fbbs out there, this regular of Awefilms and other such video sites also knows how to rock the webcam. No doubt thousands of proverbial chickens were choked to this beauty over the years. Again though as epic as her legs are, the rest of her is pretty awesome too her pecs and arms are large enough to need their own are code and she is model standard beautiful to boot. If you love female muscle, you have to check out this goddess!

Lisa Giesbrecht
Another of the many reasons that has me wishing I was Canadian rather than Irish, this northern powerhouse is a glorious combination of model good looks and power-packed, vascular perfection. This jaw dropping beauty has schmoes everywhere drooling and swooning. A prime example, for my money up with the likes of Julie Bourassa and Gina Davis in her day , of a fbb as sexy in off season bulk as she is in all her ripped, contest ready glory. (Believe me, this is very rare) No schmoe  worth his salt could get enough of this beautiful blonde beast.

Well there you go, we are now three-fifths of the way through my celebration of the sexiest muscle babes on the planet. Somehow I managed to complete this post without giving myself a heart attack, so stay tuned for the last two instalments soon.

Disclaimer: No chickens were harmed in the writing of this post.


  1. Yes Kim Perez is my all time favorite. But Nataliya is a strong young Bull, your list is on point , Aleesha Young, Karen Garett, and Rosemary Jennings are High on my list, I saw Heather Foster in Person at the 97 nationals, as well as Theresa Bostic , Un all her Huge Tipoef Glory , So Fine

  2. I wouldn't say Heather Foster was a sweetheart. From my interactions with her I would describe her as having a nasty streak. I guess she has had a lifetime of guys being creepy towards her, so she now seems to have a pretty tough protective shell around her single ass.