Tuesday, 4 October 2016

Ten More of The Best

Having read back on the last list and having realised how many more people could have potentially made it, I have decided to do another list, ten more of the best. While this will include the others given honourable mentions, it will not be limited to them.

Emery Miller
This musclebound sweetheart is originally American, but now lives in England. A late starter in the world of bodybuilding, she turned to the weights in her mid 30s after long struggles with her weight and self esteem. It is hard to believe that this goddess of granite was ever anything but a total hard bod. Her vids are guaranteed to make any man hard, but as well as that, Emery has to be one of the nicest people in the business. Her willingness to have riveting, full blown conversations with anyone in her free webcams, probably has cost her some money over the years., but with her natural sex appeal and off the chart charisma, her sessions are still in demand. I was heartbroken lately to read that this wonderful lady was subjected to vile abuse because of her muscles, while doing late night shopping. A sickening reminder of how cruel and classless some people can be.

Isabelle Turrel
Not putting this absolute stunner on my first list was a big decision, she easily could have made it, but I was adamant from the start that her, Kashma Maharaj, Rene Campbell and Christine Envall would all be on the list, so when it came down to two spaces left on the list, two had to be reluctantly omitted. Isabelle was one One of the sexiest and definitely one of the most vascular FBBs you will ever see, Isabelle never fails to arouse. Being sexy comes so naturally to her, I don't think it is possible for her not to be. Everytime I see a picture of Isabelle's super hard, super ripped body, I'm like a child in a sweet shop. Oh and a special mention to that awe-inspiring ass. If not the best in the business, it is definitely up there.

Kashma Maharaj
The other reluctant omission from the first list, this Carribean delight can harden a schmoe, just by opening her mouth. The beautiful accent and sensual tones is almost guaranteed to make your cream rise to the top, if you get my drift. The Trinidadian muscle machine has more sex appeal than you can shake a stick at. Her muscles belong in a museum and her Awefilms videos shows how much she loves playing the dom. Hard to think of anything negative to say about this total goddess.

Rachel Reid
Rachel Reid should be illegal. How can anyone so sweet and impossibly nice also be that sexy? It's insane. A face not dis-similar to Heather Graham's, she is a classic beauty, with muscles most men could only dream about. Her Pecs have very few rivals and her decision to stick to hard and natural is one that few schmoes could be disappointed about. Implants work for some women but they always risk the aesthetic. A passionate advocate for people with disabilities, a nutritionist and all round sweetheart, this American muscle beauty is proof that nice people don't always finish last. She is as admirable and inspiring as she is alluring. A real gem.

Alina Popa
This Massive Romanian, I'm ashamed to say, completely slipped my mind for the first list. This alone is proof of how spoilt for choice, us schmoes are. Huge and massive, but also extremely sensual, this swiss based bombshell has it all. Considered a future miss Olympia until the IFBB decided that women who were too muscular gave them the jitters, this stunner has competition prowess to match her physical appeal. A favourite for many schmoes and fans, she is a true pin up.

Elena Oana Hreapca
Alina was not the only gorgrous Romanian to somehow slip my mind, this sensual ball of muscle also somehow slipped through the crack. Her most musculars are the stuff of legends and few can match her for facial beauty. This tank is one of the sexiest out there.

Jacqueline (Jay) Fuchs
Another that had me shaking my head when I realised I had forgotten her. This Swiss goddess is proof that Switzerland has indeed, given the world more, than chocolate, cuckoo clocks, neutrality and skiing. This woman exhudes sex appeal from every square inch of her muscle packed body. A bad picture of her has yet to surface and I suspect it never will, a near perfect combination of femininity and bulk, if you truly love muscle, then you have to love Jay. simple as.

Margie V Martin
The only African American to make this list (Kashma is Trinidadian incase you missed it), the winner of the 2016 Wings of Strength Phoenix Rising event is unquestionably one of the sexiest in the sport. A smile that could light a room and muscles that are almost cartoonish in dimension, Margie has won a lot of fans in recent years. Of many great African American competitors (the relative lack of them on this list is again down to the huge level of choice out there.), she is among the cream of the crop.

Virginia Sanchez Macias
This Spanish amazon has to be seen to be believed. Her ruby red lips seem strangely juxtapposed to her shaved head and epic musculature, which make must US Marines look like schoolgirls by comparison. Her sheer size means she is not every so called fan's cup of tea but is one of the favourites for those of us who love them big. If you want it big and beefy, Virginia never disappoints.

Yaxeni Oriquen-Garcia
The only Latin American entry, the 2005 Ms Olympia is another favourite for schmoes and muscle lovers everywhere. Her combination of beauty, class and prime beef are sheer heaven for those of us who go weak at the knees for muscular women. No bad pictures of this Venezuean stunner exist. Another who oozes sex appeal without even trying.

So there you go, another list that went some way towards filling in gaps that were left in the first list. Nonetheless, I have no doubt there are some glaring omissions, as I write this I'm noticing the absence of Theresa Ivancik, but who do I take out to make room? Heather Foster was about to earn inclusion until I realised I already had 10. I'm still wondering how I can overlook Megan Abshire, Heather Armbrust, Nuriye Evans and Brigita Brezovac to name but a few. Maybe a third list will emerge soon, or maybe I'll just except there are too many sexy muscle women to choose from and that us Schmoes just can't make up our minds. :)

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